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Hi, I'm Cindy.

The face behind the yellow umbrella.

I’ve worked in disability services for over 15 years and have a passion for assisting people achieve their goals. For the past five years I have been managing a dynamic team in the NDIS employment skills and preparation space.

My philosophy is that everyone climbs the mountain at different paces and learns the technique in their own way. I’m here to be your safety net! That’s why I focus on a tailored approach with importance around encouragement and celebrating the small wins! Every step forward deserves a high five and I’m an expert in the high five department! 

As well as accessing the community and assistance with daily and independent living skills, I also specialise in media and in particular radio and broadcasting!

Communication, confidence building and stepping out of your comfort zone can open up the entire world, and what an exciting world we have to explore!

Welcome to Umbrella! I’m glad you’re here. 




Our Mission

To provide  personalised, flexible and genuine care in a support service which will enhance lifestyle, learning and vocational opportunities for people living with a disability in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Our Vision

Umbrella becomes your partner of choice building a better tomorrow for every client working towards goals of independence. 

Our Values 

  • Live 
  • Connect 
  • Belong 


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